Summer Bridal Hair with Fresh Flowers {Stylized Photo Shoot}

tobey shoot 03252015 from Andy Luuu on Vimeo.

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Last weekend, my makeup artist Tobey Leung  and I woke up at 5 in the morning and went to the Los Angeles Flower Market in Downtown Los Angeles for some fresh flowers; all these effort was to create a glimpse of the summer trend for brides here in Southern California.


with the easy access to fake floral hair pieces today, many makeup artists and brides will opt for that option, as those hair pieces are not only cheaper, but also lasts longer throughout the wedding day.

But, we take it one step further, and wanted to show brides what it could be when using the real flowers. As we’re living in the warm part of the country in Los Angeles, we have no shortage of fresh flowers, although each season has its unique range of flowers, they give a unique touch to your hair style different time of the year.

After doing the makeup and hair, the texture truly wowed me, the pedals of the real flowers make it so meaty, and full of life on our model’s head. Our model of the day was actually a bride-to-be in May, as well as a makeup artist herself. she really loved Tobey’s idea of having real flowers. I guess this will soon become our team’s trend of putting real flowers on brides. ;)



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